Meet the team

Personality comes as part
of the service


Team Source are our biggest asset.

We know that our team make us tick. The friendly and helpful approach is inherent at Source and we consider our recruitment and retention of staff as a key contributor to the quality relationships we enjoy with our customers.

We think our team are ace and think you will too.


I just wanted to say that apart from the pleasure I get from the friendly and relaxed service, the fact that you guys are so keen and helpful really does make my day. So I thought it would be nice to say a big THANK YOU! Efforts of your team are greatly appreciated.

FCS Cleaning, Surrey


Ex-pro at Southampton FC, Dave chose toilet rolls over football and looks after the operational and strategic side of Source. Dave ensures the logistics run like clockwork and you receive the exceptional service you deserve.



Exercising a healthy streak of imagination and entrepreneurship, Ollie’s primary focus is to tell the world about Source and ensure that we are offering those in the market for commercial cleaning supplies and washroom services the opportunity to experience the unique Source service.